Thursday, July 09, 2020


Letter to CM should be addressed to CM not to media: Mohindra tells Bajwa

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | June 03, 2020 09:41 PM

CHANDIGARH: The Minister for Local Bodies and Parliamentary Affairs, Brahm Mohindra today took a dig at former PCC president and Rajya Sabha member Partap Singh Bajwa for going public on the issues he should ideally have raised in the party or the government forum.

“It is good that you have been flagging for the attention of the CM the issues of the public interest, but the letters addressed to the CM should ideally reach the CM directly and not through the media”, Mohindra suggested to Bajwa while telling him this does not convey the right message.

“A letter to the CM should be addressed to the CM only and not to the media”, the senior minister remarked, while observing, that by releasing the letters to the media before dispatching it to the Chief Minister makes the motive and purpose of such letters obvious that the public concern (raised in these letters) is the last thing in the mind of the person.

Mohindra suggested to Bajwa that he should act as the spokesperson of the Punjab government and highlight the great achievement by the state in fighting the COVID-19, thanks to the aggressive and proactive approach of the Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh.

The Minister pointed out, Punjab has the highest recovery rate of about 90 percent while the death rate is less than two percent. “This was despite huge influx of NRIs and infected pilgrims all of whom were treated properly and have recovered completely”, he said, while, adding, “this was possible only because our CM took the lead in imposing the lockdown and curfew ahead of the centre and other state governments”.

He said, Bajwa, as a loyal Congressman had full right to raise the issues of public interest, but there is always a proper way of doing things. “You don’t rush to the press with your letters addressed to the CM as it defeats the real purpose or may be your purpose is actually something else”, he remarked.

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