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Let Your Footwear Talk More About Your Personality

June 11, 2019 02:46 PM

The researchers at the University of Kansas tried to establish a relation between a person’s personality and their shoes. During research conducted by the University, it was observed that the type of footwear a person wears speaks volumes about their personality. The style, the color, they all have a say in who you are and what you feel.

They say that you cannot judge a book by its cover but looks like your footwear can spill the beans about your personality type. We’ve covered various categories of footwear ranging from your favorite and forever go-to shoes and sneakers to those fashionable stilettoes.

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Take a look to find out what your footwear say about you:




You turn to sneakers in order to find comfort but the fact that you pick them up over any other footwear during shopping says a lot about who you are. One who wears sneakers doesn’t like to be in their own shell. They are amicable, easily get along with people of every age group, and never shy away from being a listener in times of need. Whether it’s a party or a serious discussion, they can fit in everywhere really well.


Best brands to buy sneakers- Bata, Puma, Vans, Converse.


High Heels


Those towering heels in different colors are every girl’s desire but only a few can sport it. Wearing high heels is not a child’s game. It can be highly taxing at times and can cause considerable pain. But those who know how to carry heels off can accept all of life’s challenges with the same vigor. If you’re someone who is fond of high heels and stilettos, you know exactly what you want in life and are determined to achieve it. You know how to take control of any situation and act accordingly.

Best brands to buy heels- Anne Klein, Clarks, Jimmy Choo, Inc.5




An easy-breezy, laid-back, and casual person often goes for flip-flops. Someone who loves their comfort zone. People generally spotted in a pair of comfortable flip-flops are the ones who don’t conform to the social pressure of “dressing up”. They know what they’re best at and put their best foot forward (even in a flip-flop :P). Usually, the person who walks the road in a flip-flop is spontaneous, likes to experiment, and is not rigid. Do you know someone who loves wearing a flip-flop?


Best brands to buy flip-flops- Lotto, Crocs, Sole thread, Ginger by Lifestyle, Miniso Japan


Sports Shoes

Meet the goal-oriented friends of yours! They are usually the go-getters who clearly know their goals and set out to achieve it. Sports Shoe lovers are often travel freaks and love to be outdoors. Travel goals hit you the moment you look at a new pair of sports shoe. In fact, sports shoes can be paired with any attire. Remember how Sonam Kapoor paired a Bhane shoe with her wedding lehnga to be a badass bride?


Best brands to buy sports shoes - Puma, Asics, Nike, Adidas, Reebok etc. Do check out some of the best offers for Puma sports shoes.





Research conducted by the University of Kansas categorizes flat footwear lovers as those who seek perfection. Flats are absolutely comfortable, stylish, and make you feel really confident. Whether it’s those ballerinas or those pretty sandals that you pair up every day to college and office, they are what makes you who you are. They eliminate the sense of insecurity and people who are fond of flats are often the ones who love who they are. The best part about flats is that you can wear them on every occasion without worrying about shoe bites and back-aches.


Best brands to buy flats- Carlton London, Anne Klein, Metro, Mochi.




Meticulous is the word for Loafer lovers. They are the perfectionists in every sense of the word. If there’s a task at hand, they will make sure it is done in the best possible manner and within the deadline. Loafers look formal and really nice when paired with the proper outfit and that’s exactly how the personality of a person who loves loafers is. They know their job inside out. They leave no stones unturned in performing responsibilities given to them.


Best brands to buy loafers- Steve Madden, Cole Haan, Lifestyle, Clarks.


Clothes and footwear speak tons about your personality and style. So, choose your footwear wisely and wear your style with confidence! Let us know if you agree with the list.


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Author: Jaya Dwivedi
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