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Gourmet Getaway's 3rd edition concludes in Jaipur

IANS | October 19, 2019 05:03 PM

JAIPUR:Lost recipes and sustainability' was discussed at length at the International Food Festival, Gourmet Getaway in Jaipur, which was the third edition of the event.

Restaurateur & Food Entrepreneur Dushyant Singh conceptualised and implemented the idea of organising this culinary affair in Jaipur where food connoisseurs have been gathering to celebrate their love and passion for food sizzling delicacies from around the world.

Organised from October 9-13, the third season was bigger and better featuring lavish delicacies from around the world along with the display of live food stations, cooking workshops, masterclasses, zero waste kitchen, coffee experience, exclusive dining experiences, panel discussion and a lot more.

The 5-day festival accommodated events such as Coffee Experience: A Cup of God; Grain Game - Cooking the Quaint Way; Masterclass with Shailendra Kekade, Masterclass - A date with Tuscany on the first day.

On the second day, there were sessions, including Zero Waste Kitchen, Masterclass -- Flavours from Singh and Masterclass -- Straight from Cordon Bleu.

Day 3 had Masterclass - Straight from Cordon Bleu and Raising the Bar - Cocktail Experience followed by a Panel Discussion at ITC Rajputana.

The topic of the panel discussion was "Challenges in Balancing Quality and Sustainability in Food industry in Modern times", a genuine issue faced by renowned kitchens in the cooking industry. The panellists were Chef Manjeet gill, Dr. Asheesh Chopra, Chef Sudhir Sibbal, Chef Parul Kapoor and Rishi Agarwal.

The panellists had an intense discussion on sustainable methods of cooking that should be followed in restaurants. Asheesh Chopra said "We humans started the business of plastic use and now if we don't manage, we would be in a big problem."

"Nutritious and bio compatible food should be made," said Chef Parul Kapoor.

Productive solutions were put forth in the sessions. Extensive discussion on bio crops and the pros and cons of the buffet system were held. Adulteration and consumer responsibility was also discussed in the session.

As the session was held in ITC Rajputana, the sustainable cooking practices adopted by the hotels were also discussed. One-bite concept adopted by the ITC hotels was also talked upon. In the one-bite concept, a variety of foods are served, but not in bulk to avoid wastage.

Day 4 had Sundowner, which was the climax episode of the Gourmet Getaway Food Festival. It emerged as a commemoration of expert chefs, good food and a different culture. There were 7 stalls representing totally different cultures and tastes.

The performing chefs were Barbara Kakusconek, Digvijay Singh, Rahul Wali, Antonio Scirocco, Reetika Gill, Sirattiya Bora, Antonello Giglio, Suman Malakar and Kuldeep Singh.

The various mouth-watering dishes included Desserts, Amritsar, Kashmiri, Bengali, Thai and Pizza.

Celebrities like Shanon K and cricketer Dinesh Kartik were also present.

The final day had a Community Table where the whole chef community gathered for a formal lunch at the royal premises of Fairmont, Jaipur. The lunch was based on the theme of the festival 'lost recipes'.

The event was a perfect getaway for all the food lovers who wanted to relish the international food at one place. The event also emerged as a global gathering discussing Rajasthan's world-class tourism industry and its ever-growing gastronomic reputation.

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