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Myths and Truths about Laser Treatment

As we move into the new millennium, it is becoming increasingly clear that the usage of Laser and modern technologies are entering the most exciting phase of their development. Laser treatment is commonly used for removing facial wrinkles and skin irregularities. The pulsating beams of light are concentrated on the irregular skin which removes the unwanted skin layer by layer.

Obesity ups risk of being bullying victim, perpetrator

NEW YORK: New York, June 11 (IANS) Researchers have found that obese adolescents are not only significantly more likely to experience bullying, but chances of them being perpetrators are also higher, compared to their healthy weight peers.

Aesthetic of Aesthetics…

When we talk about ‘Beauty’, one common saying flashes our mind that, “Beauty means being comfortable and confident in your own skin.” No one is an exception to having a desire to look beautiful and stay young. And eventually this makes us eagerly seek for new options and miracles that help us modify and maintain our looks. This healthy desire is not new but exists as long as human history records are kept and perhaps that led to the inception of Aesthetic Medicine almost 40 years ago in France.

Summer guide to healthy hair & scalp for your baby

Just like we take care of babies during summer to keep their bodies cool and refreshed, it is important to pay attention to their scalp and hair to keep dry and flaky skin at bay, which is a common concern among newborns.

Just 16-minute sleep loss daily can hamper your job

Losing just 16 minutes of sleep during working days can greatly hamper your performance at the workplace, say researchers.

Choose wisely - go organic this Holi!

With Holi -the festival of colours coming up -- everyone is busy buying colours, 'pichkaris', and balloons but with increasing environment pollution and severe allergic reactions to synthetic colours, there is a growing awareness among people to opt for organic variants.

'Gender disparity in education, healthcare in India'

Nearly 54 per cent young women in India are not in education, employment or any kind of training, which is 15 times higher compared to young women and men worldwide, suggesting fewer opportunities for the fairer sex to enter the workforce, finds a Lancet study.

Ways to revamp your closet in 2019

NEW DELHI: The year 2019 will be a season of contrasts as all the previous fashion rules will be broken. Untraditional aesthetics will take the spotlight, menswear and womens wear will shift through global cultures and comfort will be the key.

Man's guide to styling a leather jacket with right sneakers

NEW DELHI:  If you are looking for a right leather jacket and sneakers, experts have some guidelines to make it work for you in right way.

How to revamp interior with rugs

NEW DELHI: If youre designing your room from scratch, choose the rug first as these decors are the cornerstone for any setups foundation.

Steps to treat your sagging skin

NEW DELHI:  As you start ageing, skin may begin to sag as a consequence of a natural loss and weakening of collagen and elastin. However keeping in mind a few basic steps can help you in getting rid of the sagging skin.

Facebook coaxing teenage girls to befriend middle-aged men: Report

LONDON: Facebook is encouraging grooming by offering teenage girls middle-aged men as 'friend suggestions', the media reported.

Yoga pants are all the rage across the world, here’s why

BLOOMBERG:  The first pairs of yoga pants Lululemon sold in 1998 were a simple item for women to wear at the studio. They were a mix of nylon and Lycra — synthetic elastic fibres that provided the stretch and softness needed to manage all those sweat-inducing contortions during a lengthy session on the mat.

It's great to see cultural exchanges between countries: Singer Sean Kingston

NEW DELHI: Jamaican-American singer, songwriter, rapper and record producer Sean Kingston, who is known for his R&B, pop, reggae and rap songs, feels that, as a country, India has adapted the Western music genre extremely well and he is happy to see so many international singers coming here to perform. He hails it as a great cultural exchange.

Dr.Gagandeep Gulati's book Big Dreams Bigger Achievements…Inspiring released KTS Tulsi

NEW DELHI: Big Dreams Bigger Achievements… …Inspiring Women was held on 29.9.2018 at India Islamic Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi in the presence of distinguished guests and an imposing gathering.The book is published under the banner of Anhad Publications.

A Soiree filled with glamor beauty

DELHI: Delhi recently saw a high voltage event, that was draped in glamour and aesthetics where the forthcoming pageant Global Diva of India was announced as well as a greet and meet soiree was held at Salon HNSP,  Ace beauty and makeovers expert Mallika Gambhir hosted the evening.

Exciting to be a menswear designer in India right now: Kunal Rawal

NEW DELHI:Fashion designer Kunal Rawal, who has dressed up some of Bollywood's most stylish men, including Shahid Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, Varun Dhawan and Arjun Kapoor, says the menswear industry is evolving fast in India.

Neeru Bajwa launches ‘Festive Collection-18’

CHANDIGARH: Max Fashion, India’s leading fashion brand launched its latest ‘Festive Collection-18’ Elante Mall here today. The collection was launched by Punjabi Film Superstar “Neeru Bajwa”.

'Experimental cocktail culture giving bartending a boom in India'

NEW DELHI: For Emily Thompson and Ernest Reid, leading bartenders from Australia and Europe respectively, the entire bartending community has now tangibly evolved along with a booming cocktail culture in India. With the cocktail culture skyrocketing in other parts of the world and with well-travelled Indians experiencing this, the demand has now reached all the way to Indias non-metros, they say.


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