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‘Punjab Kidney Foundation’ meet held

May 11, 2019 03:41 PM

MOHALI:  ‘Punjab Kidney Foundation’ a kidney support group and a dedicated kidney helpline organized its first workshop cum support group meeting on awareness of ABO incompatible transplants at Ivy Hospital, Mohali on Saturday.

Among others, Dr. Kanwaldeep, Medical Director, Dr Avinash Srivastava , Director Urology & Renal Transplant Surgery, Dr Raka Kaushal, Director Nephrology and Dr Aruna B. Bhoy , Facility Director were presented during the occasion.  

During occasion, ABO incompatible kidney transplant patients,   Nishu Sharma & Ram Sigh shared their story of struggle.

They said, it was a disheartening when relatives were ready to donate kidney but blood group was not matching. However with ABO incompatible kidney transplant by Dr Raka & Dr Avinash who have successful track record of doing more than 40 ABO incompatible kidney transplants at Ivy, the both got a new lease of life.

According to Dr Raka when donor's blood type and recipient’s  blood type aren't compatible in the past, the only option was to identify recipient-donor transplant pairs with compatible ABO blood types

Over the years, advances in medicine made ABO incompatible kidney transplant possible. With an ABO transplant, patients receive medical treatment before and after kidney transplant to lower antibody levels in blood and reduce the risk of antibodies rejecting the donor kidney, she maintained.

Dr Avinsah said the process of transplant surgery is same as any other kidney transplant except pre and post-surgical evaluation and monitoring is vital; the main focus is on managing antibodies for which advance care a facility with NABL blood bank and ICU care is must.  

Meanwhile Foundation’s members are empowered with knowledge through awareness program about disease, treatment modalities, diet and lifestyle management etc thus resolving their common queries like, what options do they have, who can donate kidney, what should be the frequency of dialysis, and dietary advice .The forum is open for all kidney failure patients & their relatives.

Dr. Meenakshi Singh and Savinder Singh coordinated the event which included games, fun activities for patients, the interactive sessions of Q&A, special diet advise for summer season and celebration of patients birthday as well.

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