10 tips for hiring packers and movers

Punjab News Express | July 17, 2019 05:51 PM

Relocation might seem like a small word but carries with it loads of responsibilities and umpteen number of activities that have to be transpired in order to make the shifting of your goods from one place to another, damage free.

To make the process hassle free and less strenuous, you must hire a good packer and mover company to do the job for you. But finding a dependable service provider with immense professional experience is equally important and as difficult as moving itself. It is crucial that you choose the right packer and mover for you as they will be handling some of your precious goods.

When you look online, you will find there are many movers and packers company claiming to provide the best relocation services but before cornering one, it is advisable to consider the following useful tips so that your relocation spree becomes a piece of cake.


There are hundreds of movers available in the market who always claims to offer the best facilities and you can easily get a list of reliable service providers online. Talk to your friends and relatives who recently made a move and ask them for their opinion. Contact a few of these packers and movers and ask them about their services and prices and list down a few who you think are viable. Make sure to keep your options open. It is well known that experience is the best teacher and brings along with it perfection and professionalism, but not in every case.  So make sure to do proper research before breaking the list down to that one last choice.


Check the credibility of the movers you have listed down. Being in the business for quite a long time cannot be the only criteria to judge whether a moving company is good or not, it also important to know the credit they have earned over the past years being in the market. Also check the validity of their moving license to ensure legitimacy and beware of the fake movers who claim to offer the best services but in reality they don’t even hold the legal permit to move.

When asking them about their price, make sure to ask if they can give a written quotation and don’t hire them if they deny. Never trust what they put up verbally or over the phone instead have them write everything on paper.

Quotation must include all the services involved – packing charges, loading and unloading charges, transportation charges, unpacking and re-arranging charges.


Go online and do some extra research. Check the sites that provide legit reviews which will help you narrow down the list and come to a final decision. People reviewing in the sites of a particular service provide might not be trusted as they have the liberty over the testimonials given on their site. You can check for the reviews of packers and movers at, in a particular state or city or on a general. People with proper experience give their reviews to help others who are looking for hiring a good packers and movers to help make their relocation easy.


One of the most important aspects for any customer is finalising a budget. No matter who you choose for the relocation, make sure their budget is pocket friendly. Many service providers provide a good deal but you must make budget well ahead of hiring a moving company so that you know how much you can afford and negotiate accordingly.


After checking the details of all the companies in your list, finalise two or three moving companies who fall into the criteria you have set. Call each one of them and finalise on a quote that suits your budget and choose the best among the rest. Make sure the estimator has an idea of your luggage and does not give you a general estimate and they need to be off the mark.

Always prioritise those packers who provide a door to door relocation service. As in this case, the entire responsibility resides with the packing company. Before cornering the packers and movers company it is worthwhile to check their sincerity before handling your valuables over to them.


Reputable movers will never demand a large deposit before moving. The complete payment must only be done after the move is complete. If you pay the entire sum in advance, you will have no control of the time of delivery of your belongings. And always pay in check or your credit card to help protect yourself from any fraudulent activity.


Always enquire for any hidden cost involved other than any costs which are involved in the process apart from what is mentioned in the given quotation. Some drivers intend to play smart during the move by asking for extra money for a vehicle breakdown repair, you must avoid such companies at all cost. Make sure to do a thorough research, both online and offline before signing the contract.


Get all your doubts clear before signing the agreement and leave no stone unturned. Enquire about the staff members involved in making the move and the kind of vehicles that will be used. Don’t hesitate to talk to each and every one of them, starting from the advisor to the driver as this will give you a complete idea of the kind of people you will be dealing with and you will have the knowledge to give a proper judgement.

Some companies tend to take an excessive amount of booking in advance and fail to provide a required number of staff to make the successful move. To avoid later turmoil, check the strength of the crew members and also the number of vehicles provided by the company.



Ask as many questions as possible and get your doubts cleared before signing that agreement to pay the hefty deposit. Enquire about the methods they incorporate for packing, the materials they provide for packing your valuables and the insurance service they have. If you still don’t feel convinced they don’t hesitate to refrain from making the deal.

Ask them for referrals of past customers to know about their experience. Demand for everything to be provided to you in written, starting from the quotation to every other promise they make. Proof-read the contract and make sure to change or correct anything you find misleading. Always have a copy of your inventory in detail.

We hope our guide helps you find a relocation service that best suits your needs. Don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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