Badals, not us, delayed AIIMS Bathinda: Brahm Mohindra

CHANDIGARH: Health Minister Brahm Mohindra today said that it was the Badals, and not the Congress government, who delayed the AIIMS Bathinda project for their own vested interests. Besides, at the same time, they also did not allow the Mohali Medical College to come for the same reasons, the minster added.

Work-life balance doesn't have to be stressful

Working round-the-clock in today's technologically connected world, striking a work-life balance seems almost impossible. However, finding the right balance in this fast-paced world is essential. With more people experiencing workplace anxiety and depression now than ever before, managing work-related stress is the need of the hour.

Dr.T.S.Madan becomes an icon in Cardiac Healthcare

CHANDIGARH: Although he has done a number of open heart surgeries yet  he recalls in vivid details, the rare surgery he performed on 11-month-old Junaid from Pakistan under the Rotary Heartline Project which gave the child a new lease of life. He is Dr T.S Mahant, whom people consider next to God.  Once a small town boy of Himachal Pradesh, has made a name for himself in the medical profession not only in the country but at global level with his grit, determination, devotion and perseverance.

Decoded: Why some young adults engage in unsafe sex

TORONTO: Factors such as gender, sexual orientation and the desire to form lasting romantic relationships appear to influence sexual risk-taking among young adults, a new study suggests.

Coffee compounds may reduce prostate cancer risk

Besides being the perfect morning drink, coffee may also play a role in delaying prostate cancer, finds a study, which may pave the way for treating drug-resistant cancer.

Six-year-old West Nile Virus patient dead in Kerala

A six-year-old boy, who was being treated for West Nile Virus (WNV) disease here, passed away on Monday, said Kerala Health Minister K.K. Shailaja.

Ears can be used for ECG to predict heart rhythm

Researchers have developed a novel electrocardiogram (ECG) method that uses signals from the ear to check heart rhythm, making it easy for drivers, athletes and persons in the military to scan their own heart beat.

Psychologist gives helping hand to prevent farmers' suicides

Not satisfied with her cozy job at a corporate hospital here, a psychologist joined a team that is helping to prevent farmers' suicides in parts of Telangana.

Green tea helps combat obesity, inflammation: Study

Want to cut that extra flab? Drinking green tea can help reduce obesity as well as inflammation in the gut, finds a study.

46% Indian kids die of communicable diseases

Communicable diseases like pneumonia and tuberculosis accounted for over 46 per cent of preventable deaths in children aged 5-14 years in 2016, finds a study.

Only 9% Indian kids get proper nutrition: NITI Aayog

NITI Aayog Adviser Alok Kumar on Wednesday said only nine per cent of children in the age group 6 to 24 months receive adequate nutrition in India.

Health Minister launches ‘Punjab Kidney Foundation’ a kidney support group at Mohali hospital

MOHALI: Punjab Health Minister Brahm Mohindra on Wednesday launched a ‘Punjab Kidney Foundation’ a kidney support group and a dedicated Kidney Helpline at a private Hospital in Mohali.

e-cigarette vape too not safe for children: Study

Believing that exposure to e-cigarette vape is safe for children, parents are increasingly vaping both at home and in car, finds a study.

Binge drinking in teenage may raise anxiety later: Study

Are you a heavy drinker? Take note. Alcohol exposure early has lasting effects on the brain and increases the risk of anxiety in adulthood, say researchers, including one of an Indian-origin.

Smoking hookah not safe alternative to cigarettes

Do you believe smoking hookah is safer than smoking cigarettes? Think twice.

Migraine raises risk of dry eyes: Study

Suffering from migraine? You could be at higher odds of having chronic dry eye disease, says a new study.

Transition from Underweight to Obesity in India

Overweight or Obesity is an abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may impair health. It is measured using the simple screening tool, Body Mass Index (BMI) defined as weight in kilogram divided by square of height in meters of person.

Eat tomatoes to fight liver cancer, inflammation

NEW YORK:  Higher consumption of tomatoes could be associated with a decreased risk of liver cancer caused by high-fat diets, a study has found.

Know it all about IVF

In Vitro Fertilization or IVF, is a widely known and practised form of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). The process of In Vitro Fertilization includes a combination of medicines and surgical procedures to facilitate the process of Fertilization (which includes mplantation) in a female's uterus.

Gian Sagar promises all help to Asha workers

PATIALA: Over 100 Asha (Accredited Social Health Activist) workers here today attended a meeting with representatives of the new management team of the Gian Sagar Hospital.


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