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Helpful Tips to Crack SNAP 2019 Exam

May 29, 2019 11:24 AM

The Symbiosis National Aptitude (SNAP) is a national level common entrance exam for securing admission in the MBA Programmes in the 15 Symbiosis Institutes affiliated to Symbiosis International University (SIU), Pune, including the highly-sought after SIBM and SCMHRD management institutes. The SNAP exam is conducted in an online mode only in a single session, consisting of multiple choice questions to be attempted in a duration of 120 minutes. The SNAP 2019 exam will be held on December 15, 2019.

Though enrolling in a coaching, online or offline, is not really necessary when it comes to SNAP or any competitive exam for that matter, it is better to resort to SNAP Coaching Classes since they are affordable in nature, would streamline your preparation, offer personalised guidance and mentorship and a peer network to connect with to know how much at par you need to be in terms of your preparation.

Given below are some helpful tips which would help you ace the SNAP 2019 exam:

Quick Tips for the upcoming SNAP 2019 Exam

  1. First things first, you must gather relevant and adequate study material for the exam, lay out a detailed study plan and stick to it religiously.
  2. You must keep your focus on your strong areas but have equal or more focus on areas which you are weak in. You should solve questions and practice for 5-6 hours daily from both areas of your strength and weaknesses.
  3. Try and take as many Mocks as you can so as to familiarise yourself with the exam day settings.
  4. Join a Test Series as a segment of a good SNAP Online Classes to access the best Mock Tests and for analysing your performance against the other SNAP aspirants. Do make sure to do a comprehensive analysis of your performance after every Mock and improve upon your mistakes going forward.
  5. Be crystal clear and solid with your basics. Clarity in basics will ensure you can perform the majority of questions in the SNAP 2019 exam.

Suggested Study Schedule for the SNAP 2019 Exam

You should follow the following study plan after you finish up covering the syllabus for SNAP 2019 and strengthening the basics:

  1. Start  building concepts for Quant and start off with GK as well. Special attention must be given to important topics in Quant, viz;
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Percentage
  • Profit and Loss
  • Linear and Quadratic Equations
  • Averages
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Time and Work
  • Time Speed and Distance
  • Mixtures and Allegations

Pair the aforementioned topics with topics from LRDI:

  • Set Theory
  • Tables
  • Bar Graphs
  • Pie Charts
  • Critical Reasoning
  • Visual Reasoning

2. For GK, duly focus on current affairs in the months of July and August. Minimise the preparation in September.

3. Focus on building vocabulary bit-by-bit through flash cards, practice books and other similar hacks, besides focusing on the important topics in Verbal. Reading newspapers would help both with GK and the RCs.

4. Write one Mock every day. Devote three hours every day to solve the same. Have an in-depth analysis of the Mocks later. Come September, you can increase the frequency to 2.

5. Make sure to practice timed section-wise tests as well besides the full three hour Mocks. Section-wise tests will help you get a solid grip on both speed and accuracy.

6. Consume all important news a few months before the exam which would help you revise them later.

7. As the D-day draws closer, you should have elevated to writing 2 Mocks every day. By this time, your sole focus should be the SNAP 2019 exam.

8. Refresh and polish all of your basics and revise all important topics to keep them at the top of your mind.

9. Questions that do not require too much time, or dates or are not very lengthy should be attempted on a priority basis. Any question which requires over 30-40 seconds for you to solve must be left for a second attempt.

10. Last but not the least, prepare for the exam with a sound mind and do not try to over-prepare days before the exam. Relax 2-3 days before the exam so as to keep stress and anxiety at bay. Be confident in your abilities and preparation.

The SNAP 2019 Exam, like most management entrance exams, requires due diligence and solid preparation. The competition to get into the top B-schools is exponentially high, therefore, candidates must prepare in a smart yet fruitful manner.

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