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Phoenix mobile application for Chandigarh government schools

Y.S.RANA | April 18, 2019 05:14 PM

CHANDIGARH: Setting new standard in education, the Chandigarh Administration has worked out modalities and scope of work for introduction of Phoenix Mobile Application in government schools will be in place by start of next month. “Modalities have been worked out and scope of work has been assigned to the heads of all government schools with a direction to complete the spade work by April 15,” said the official of the department.

The department is all set to undertake an exercise to monitor learning outcomes and improve it of government schools. The department has taken a number of steps to improve results in government schools. Now the department has decided to initiate Phoenix Mobile Application in assistance of SPIC, Chandigarh for all students and teachers of government schools at elementary level (Class I to 8th).

A circular is issued to all principals and heads of government schools in Chandiarh by the Secretary, Education, Chandigarh Administration, on April 9, 2019 asked to implement this App in their respective schools by April 15. The school heads have been asked to ensure its successful working and implementation.

While talking to the official of the education department said the App was available on Android phones for senior officials and teaches to assess the grades, track and review the progress of students anytime anywhere basis. The department has arranged training to teachers at SPIC on March 28 and 29 and teachers would be administrator at elementary level for implementation of the App. They would further train other teachers in the process, official said.

The administrators will create or generate user name and password for each teacher at elementary level. Teachers have been directed to fill in the data of their respective classes, sections and subject-wise as per Grades A, B, C and D on monthly basis and monitoring/recording of learning outcomes will be done by each teacher.
The circular has also determined weight age of each grade—Grade A will be 80 per cent and above; Grade B between 60 per cent and 79 per cent; for Grade C it is 45 per cent to 59 per cent and Grade D 44 per cent and below. The official said that on the basis of grades, teachers would identify the needs of the students for further improvement in desired learning outcomes. Need-based remedial classes for low performing students would be conducted by the teacher concerned.
It is also revealed that all the process will be monitored by CRCCs and subject-wise nodal officers. After remedial classes students will be put to special test to know the improvement in their learning outcomes. 

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