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Guru Nanak Dev University to organize the 101th Dae-Brns-Iancs national workshop on radiochemistry and application of radioisotopes from February 17

February 15, 2020 11:26 AM

AMRITSAR:The  Department of   Physics is going to organize the 101th DAE-BRNS-IANCAS National  Workshop on Radiochemistry and Application of  Radioisotopes for  SEVEN days for the Faculty of Indian Universities/Colleges and  Research  Scholars during  17-23rd Feb. 2020  at the Guru  Nanak Dev University in collaboration with the  Indian  Association of  Nuclear  Chemists and Allied Scientist (IANCAS),   Radiochemistry  Division of  Bhabha  Atomic  Research  Centre (BARC), Mumbai,   for which all the necessary permissions have already been taken from the worthy Vice-Chancellor.

In this workshop 100  application were received from a wide range of colleges from different parts of India and   50   applicants have been selected to finally attend this workshop.

In total around  TEN  Scientist as resource persons from  BARC, Mumbai is going to deliver  Lectures on different themes/topics during this workshop.

This workshop, as a part of DAE-BRNS, will provide a forum for mutual interaction among faculty members and scientists from various educational institutions and research organizations. Eminent scientists specialized in topics related to nuclear chemistry, nuclear physics, nuclear reactors, production and application of radioisotopes and health and safety aspects will be the resource persons of the workshop.

The lectures will be supplemented by laboratory experiments for the benefit of the participants. In addition, a special session will also be held on research funding opportunities in basic and nuclear sciences for the benefit of participants associated with teaching and research.

This will be a SEVEN-day workshop,    where the morning session of be composed of lectures and evening session practical on  Nuclear  Physics/Nuclear  Chemistry will be conducted.  This workshop shall provide an actual forum for the mutual integration among the faculty members of different colleges and universities of  India, who are attending this workshop and the resource persons as renowned Scientist from  BARC.

This workshop will consist of various lectures on basics nuclear physics and chemistry topics and different applications of radioisotopes in different branches of science and agricultural.

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