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Websites Indians can’t get enough of

PUNJAB NEW EXPRESS | July 08, 2020 03:21 PM

There are many websites visited by millions of Indians daily for several purposes. While some websites are only visited occasionally, there are some others that Indians keep visiting every time. These websites render services that Indians love and cannot do without.

E-commerce websites

There are tons of E-commerce websites available to Indians and they can’t stop visiting. There’s almost nothing they wouldn’t be able to purchase or order from these online stores. Anyone can visit these websites and make purchases of different items and make payments safely.

These websites take away the stress of visiting the physical markets and stores whenever one needs to make a purchase. Many of them offer home delivery services and will bring your purchased items right to your doorstep for little or zero charges.

Indians purchase different categories of items like health and beauty products, clothes, jewelry, shoes, phones, computer gadgets, and many more. Top online shopping sites in India include

Websites for casino games

Indians love to play casino games and since there are only a few physical casinos to play, they visit online casino sites. These online casinos bring the casino experience so close to Indians. People no longer have to travel to Goa or Sikkim to play at the few casinos there. One can easily access the games just with a mobile phone and internet connection.

Furthermore, there are now many casinos and gambling sites specially designed for players in India. These casino sites feature well-loved Indian games. While they can play virtual games that are controlled by computers, they can also play Live games controlled by live dealers. Some of the live games also feature Hindi speaking live dealers. This makes it more attractive to Indians.

Some of these casinos also offer great bonuses and rewards to their loyal players. This allows Indians to play games and catch fun while having the opportunity to win cash prizes. For this reason, they are able to keep Indians returning to the website to play more and more.

More importantly, it’s not illegal to play at Indian online casinos. The law only prohibits land-based gambling but in no way stops online gambling. Thus, Indians feel safe and secure playing casinos online. You can visit websites such as JeetWin and 10Cric.

Food review sites

Indians love to stay healthy by eating good food. We also love to apply different spices and cooking techniques to create unique delicacies. Due to the large population and diversity in culture, there are different kinds of foods in India.

There are many food reviews sites in India. Indians visit these sites to learn more tips and apply them. Some of these sites also review restaurants with good food and give details of the restaurant. Examples of such sites are and

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