Inherited Treasure

Punjab News Express | February 28, 2019 11:50 AM

Jewellery is something that holds great value, especially for women. The fact is that jewellery has always been a significant part of almost all the human cultures and has served several purposes that are deeply significant for all. Be it a bangle, earring, necklace, ring, bracelet, anklet or any other form of jewellery. The value of jewellery increases further if the jewellery piece is passed on from one generation to the other generation. Inherited jewellery holds a sentimental and emotional value, which is why people tend to become sentimental while selling it and every piece of jewellery has its own story to tell.

Inherited jewellery pieces usually have one of a kind traditional designs which makes it unique from the modern jewellery pieces. The new trends in jewellery making try to capture the essence of these tradition jewellery pieces with a modern twist.

So what is it that one can do with an antique ornament? Well, you can use it the way it is and carry forward the family legacy. This ensures that the treasure remains safe within the family itself. Great care should be taken of such jewellery pieces to preserve its charm. The next thing that you can do it sell it or exchange it if it holds a good rate of exchange. Some people feel quite guilty of doing this, but it is a common trend, especially in situations where family finances are at a risk. The third option is one that people usually opt for, that is, remaking it. Remaking the inherited ornament helps hold the sentimental value of the piece and also allows you to add your touch of modern trend to it. You can check for the latest bracelet designs, gold finger ring design for female, men’s chain design, tending precious stones and so on to create a modified design for your old jewellery and give it for remaking. Even the Duke of Sussex has used this option by using the diamonds from the collection of his late mother Princess Diana in the custom engagement ring he designed for his wife, the Duchess.

Different forms of   can be modified, based on the material with which they are made. For example, gold and platinum jewellery can be melted and reformed into entirely different pieces of jewellery. Whereas, precious stones or gems cannot be transformed in the way gold and platinum can. Instead, they can be polished which can bring back its lost shine. If you have a broken piece of traditional jewellery, it can be remade or reused to make another jewellery all together. The entire process of remaking the jewellery takes about a month or two, depending upon the old jewellery, its metal and stone and the design that you wish to make out of it and again, depending upon the making charges, current rate of the particular metal or precious stone, the entire cost of modifying a piece can price up to a few thousand rupees. But in the end, you can treasure the family jewellery, isn’t that priceless?

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