Entrepreneurship- “A persistent progression towards an innovative solution to a key problem”

Punjab News Express | November 12, 2018 01:13 PM

An entrepreneur is the one who kills the basic problem and look for solution and provide results quicker. As soon as the problem solved the maintenance become higher. People will search for more higher expectations and there major goals are to provide basic requirements to people and make them skillful.
Mr. Jasmeet Singh, an entrepreneur and Founder of Speed Car Wash is the best example of having faith and make successful an innovative idea focusing on skill ability model to provide better solution. He has made Car Wash & Detailing a serious business and the franchises so far has earned greater rewards.
Through his initiative of setting up training schools for detailing, he wants to give more power and confidence to youth or a beginner detailer by providing skill ability model. The initiative will help many new comers to learn essentials of business including marketing, technology, finance sourcing, people management and be a successful entrepreneur. This will help in creating more job opportunities for youngsters who want to earn through their own business. It will be like a chain through which people can earn their livelihood and helps in creating more and more jobs for coming generation.
When we think about starting our own business then we think many times. Why you want to do your own business? Answer is to give birth to a new idea or you can say out of the box thinking and conquer the attention of target audience in the market. The challenge is to sell the idea in the market and it is the toughest challenge one can face in the market. Another challenge is to create fund in starting a start up, which is the most common hurdle for everyone. Fortunately, funding gap has almost been filled by several Loan schemes by Central Govt. for young entrepreneurs in India since last 3-4 years.
Being a flag bearer of entrepreneurship development, he want to put this rewarding business to a larger canvas and has planned to setup detailing training schools in 4 major cities including Delhi, Ludhiana, Pune, Hyderabad.
Focus would not only be on skill development but to all aspects of becoming a successful entrepreneur. He wants to make them independent who can not only earn their livelihood but to become inspiration for many.
A problem-solving approach can happen only by an entrepreneur’s knack to enable a strategic communication with his employees. When employees feel safe and confident that there will be no dire consequences of sharing what they feel or have witnessed, they will divulge information. This will help in curating tailor-made sustainable solution to each problem. The team organizes a work better to keep everything fine and good.
“Entrepreneur should cultivate the open mindedness in their organization where people are willing to work together and look problem as an opportunity to grow and do better in all ways.” said, Mr. Jasmeet Singh, an Entrepreneur and Founder of Speed Car Wash.

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