Breaking through with meaningful content via Bolo Indya - App for 100 Crore Indians

May 22, 2019 03:37 PM

The power of meaningful content cannot be underestimated in the present times, what with the entire digital age being content dominated, be it social networking sites, streaming services like Netflix and Hotstar and even mobile apps which are heavily downloaded and used on a daily basis by users scourging for content like news, domain-specific content, chats and more. So far, only the English language was resorted to while creating content since there was a huge footfall by users over the internet for consumption of content in the English language. However, the tables have now turned and a huge chunk of Indian language users have been found traversing the internet for good content but in Indian regional and colloquial languages.

Research says the vernacular content user base in India would be growing over 540 million by year 2021, which would reportedly comprise of 75% of internet users at the time. Vernacular user base has sadly been untapped till now, due to which nearly 60% of these consumers faced lack of availability of relevant content which was their largest barrier for adoption for online services.

This gap will now be bridged by Bolo Indya, which is an app for 100 crore Indians for sharing knowledge amongst each other in 4 languages namely Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and English. The app was officially launched on May 11, 2019 and allows user-generated content to be shared in both audio and video modes in their respective native languages.

Bolo Indya is a unique initiative by Team CareerAnna, who have left a dent in the e-learning space in the past four years of their existence by serving as a paid content consumption platform catering to management entrance exams and beyond. After this realisation dawned on Mr. Varun Saxena, Founder of Career Anna, that there are several users who are not too comfortable with neither communicating in English nor typing in the same, he decided to come up with a venture which gives such users the power to leverage and be a part of the ever-growing knowledge community over the internet - but in the language they know best.

The birth of the new product Bolo Indya took place after numerous brainstorming sessions, valuable insights and building of hypothesis on what works for users and what doesn’t. Last but not the least, the experience of working in the edtech space and other related spaces in the English language made the team realise that users deserve to extract meaningful content from the internet and be able to share their knowledge and voice their opinions in their own language, just like their peers using English language do.

Bolo Indya can be viewed as an amalgamation of staggeringly popular video-sharing service YouTube and Question and Answer website Quora. It is an interest-based platform where people would be able to interact with each other in their local languages and ask questions in audio, video and text mediums respectively. It will allow users to participate, react to events, voice their opinions, contribute to the community and be part of a fine network of local language users.

The time is just right to be a part of the stupendous digital revolution and Bolo Indya is out there to make the most of this opportunity. Bolo Indya is available on Android and has content on everything under the sun from makeup to relationships! So, what are you waiting for? Be a part of this digital story and write an ending of your own choice! Download the Bolo Indya app and be part of country’s first ever ‘vernacular’ revolution!

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