5 ideas of unique Diwali celebration to make it memorable one!!

Punjab News Express | September 06, 2019 11:33 AM

Diwali is indeed one of the biggest and cheerful festivals in our country. It is celebrated with friends, family and other near and dear ones with great zeal & enthusiasm. Every year we follow the same tradition such as lighting the Diyas, decorating homes, bursting crackers, exchanging gifts with dearest ones, eating different types of sweets, traditional worships and followed by other rituals.

 But, this Diwali apart from those traditional rituals, celebrate the Diwali in a beautiful and unique manner so that it will be remembered you and your loved ones for a longer time. If you are residing in the USA or any other part of the world, then you can send Diwali gifts to India from USA or wherever you are with the aid of online gifting portals. Here some amazing ideas which you can follow if you are going to celebrate Diwali 2019 in India.

1. Visit the Orphan homes

Let’s celebrate Diwali 2019 with the ones who are not as lucky as you to have the parents in their lives. Yes, you should visit the Orphan homes on the day of Diwali to spread the love and happiness among Orphan children. Take sweets, gifts and cloths to them and lighting the Diwali Diyas with them and let them give the chance to celebrate the special day of Diwali with full joy and happiness.

2. Spread the Eco-friendly Diwali celebration message

The first thing which you all must follow is that you should celebrate the Diwali in an eco-friendly manner. Let’s make the people aware by spreading the message that why eco-friendly Diwali celebration is must and how it will help you to control the environmental pollution. You should make people aware that they should not burst crackers and use eco-friendly things for the special celebration of Diwali.

 3. Clean your City

To make Diwali the unforgettable to your near and dear ones, you should take the initiative to clean your city and make the surrounding worth living. It will surely help to keep the people of your city away from illness and ensure a healthy life.

4. Distributes cloths and sweets among poor

If you are lucky enough to have easy access to food, clothes and other basic necessities of our daily life, then you should surely give attention to those who are not as lucky as you. Yes, on the day of Diwali, visit the slum areas and other areas of your city where the poor people of your city are living. Distribute fruits, sweets and clothes among them and also make the special festival of Diwali memorable for them.

5. Spend some time with old people

When we grow up, we generally forget to spend the time with the older ones of our house because we are always so busy with our works and other things. But, this Diwali takes the time and spend some time with your elder ones and make them feel how much you feel blessed to have them in your life. How much you feel gratitude for their blessings and love. This will surely make them feel supremely happy and make the occasion memorable to them.


These are some really awesome ways for celebrating the special occasion like a Diwali and making it the most happening one. Also, it is a great way to add more sweetness in the human relationship and making the world a better place to live for everybody. So, let’s enjoy the upcoming Diwali wholeheartedly and make it memorable too for the other people as well. Send Diwali gifts to Indian From USA or any other part of the world to make your loved ones feel your presence at the special occasion even being so far from them. Visit and buy gifts for Diwali  to make the occasion memorable.

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