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Prem Kumar Dhumal is back in action, still relevent in Himachal politics

December 05, 2019 10:57 AM

HAMIRPUR (HP): After his defeat in the last assembly elections, Prof Prem Kumar Dhumal may be out of chief minister post and speculations were high about his political career. With assembly elections were over, the media has begun to speculate his future plans and his political options. He would give up his chief minister ambitions like many or he is pursuing the course that would help him achieve his ultimate goal. Political intelligentsia believes that he would continue to look for roles which may stepping-stones to the BJP next time also.   

But in the recent past he seemed to bounce back as a strong and gutsy leader who is ready to fight till the end.  Public perception is that with the elevation of Jai Ram Thakur as chief minister has advanced groupism in the party. People started blaming that Jai Ram Thakur is trying to sideline Dhumal’s staunch supporters in district Hamirpur.  He tried to woo Dhumal’s opponents to fight mandal elections against Dhumal supporters. It is visible in the recent held district president election.

Speculations on his immediate moves range from strengthening his grip over state politics to contest next assembly election. According to political pundits Dhumal is not so badly off despite losing the assembly election.  Even the voters of Sujanpur are repenting the way they voted out PK Dhumal in the last assembly elections.  Issue of discrimination with lower Himachal is raising its head again in public.   

Both have different approaches towards development works, while Dhumal’s focus has been all round development of the State, present chief minister contained himself in nursing his constituency Seeraj and people started calling him ‘CM of Seeraj.’ Crisis of governing without boundaries, the government’s work is rated in large scale repeatable routines. This hierarchical bureaucratic model needs to be changed.

How do you craft agendas and plans, set priorities and allocate resources across boundaries in the state that are then accepted as legitimate, credible and trusted by all those affected. At last, results really do matter. But it is not visible in the working of present chief minister.

People also blamed the chief minister of holding lose end of bureaucracy while Dhumal was an artistic hand over bureaucracy.  People are also raising their fingers on the success of investor meet held recently at Dharmsala. Even in the party fold marked a question on its success.  

Present chief minister thinking to ignore the fact that rise of BJP and fall of the Congress are the two sides of the same coin. It is a fact that Dhumal has been the sheet anchor of BJP electoral sweep takes in the state. All these years, Dhumal , established himself a force and played an important role with or without chief ministerial post.        

Dhumal is holding a losing CM ship on one hand yet a very strong political face across the state on the other.  Any attempt to under estimate the political hold of Dhumal will be suicidal for the party in the state.

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