Tuesday, September 29, 2020


Is Your impounded vehicle in (un)safe custody ?

Y.S.RANA | September 02, 2020 03:51 PM

CHANDIGARH: If your vehicle for various road of the rules violations has been impounded by the Chandigarh Police and think it would remain safe in their custody then you might be mistaken. Vacant lands or parking lots surrounding police station where impounded vehicles are kept and manned by a few traffic police personnel, they seem to have little control over thieves who are often seen prowling there.

Impounded vehicles have become easy prey to thieves who are prowling there. No part of a vehicle—wheels, axle, headlamps, battery and even engine, tyres—is safe under police custody. Thieves even steal diesel and petrol from truck and motorcycles. Visits to some of such places across Chandigarh reveal that these vehicles lying unattended. Presence of some police officials deployed to keep round the clock vigil does not keep the thieves away.

One of owners of impounded vehicle showed the condition of his vehicle. “Look at this vehicle, Skelton is there parts are missing, ” says he. Auto drivers are worst hit. Each police station of Chandigarh has impounded vehicles worth Rs 10-12 lakh. At traffic police line Sector 29, 512 impounded are turning into junk; 182 vehicles are gasping for oxygen at Manimajra police station; 152 impounded vehicles are lying at police station 34 and 132 vehicles are rusting at Sector 39 police station.   

According to Chandigarh Police records, over 1200 vehicles valued Rs 2 crore in 16 police stations are turning into waste. Impounded vehicles include 170 cars, 4 jeeps, five trucks and autos and over 1000 two-wheelers. Some vehicles are lying there for the past 12 years. Of these some are under trial in courts in some cases where trial has been closed owners of the vehicles did not turn up to collect.

In one of its order, the Supreme Court has directed that if after service of three notices to the vehicle owner, did not turn up to collect his vehicle, the police can auction the vehicle.                   

Some vehicle owners have revealed that traffic police officials deployed made them to write on a paper that only they are responsible for their vehicles. On the other hand police has its own problems. Policemen deployed for safety of vehicles expressed their helplessness because of 24 hours continuously working. “We have to maintain a register and we also release vehicle following court orders. There is no provision of fencing.

Another police official said, ” at times, drivers steal wheels from others’ vehicles.” He further said that Chandigarh police would soon start process of auctioning impounded vehicles to make space for other vehicles.

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