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Indian Geoheritage Day celebrates on promotion of geo-tourism

Yadavindra S Rana | July 21, 2020 05:07 PM

CHANDIGARH--Indian geoheritage day was celebrated on July 21 by organising a Webinar on ‘protect and promote geo-tourismin India’. Webinar has seen nine speakers across the country that highlighted the importance of geological sites which tell the story of particular time of earth. The Webinar vivid explanations from Himalayas in the north to Dinosaurs and Deccan basalts and in the south.
Speakers put forward their stories of evolution and development- based on fossils, geomrphology, geological features, minerals etc. While speaking on the occasion Dr Ritesh Arya founder of Earth Science Center and member Indian Geoheritage society categorically said that geohertiage its preservation and development was the key to give sound legacy to our next generation for their sustainable living in future. Today in absence of any law this valuable geological resource has been lost due to negligence and ignorance.
The academicians are interested in collecting the specimen for his research paper only and in most of the cases the site is often neglected, he says and added that the fossil collectors collected fossil and were least concerned about its preservation. Need of the hour Dr Arya said was to frame a geoheritage policy to protect and preserve geoheritage sites and declare them as Indian geo parks.
With an aim to protect and preserve these valuable geological information handy to be passed on to promote geotourism on one hand and educate the locals and panchayats about the value of these geoheritage sites. So that the tourism is not restricted to cities but these in situ sites can be used to develop tracks so that the benefit of tourism can reach and benefit the villagers.
A legislation on the geoheritagein tune with archeological sites can really make difference in preserving the valuable resources which are otherwise lost to road widening retaining walls and buildings.
He further said that Kasauli was an important tourist destination but the tourist did not have any activity after one day but geotourism could prolong his stay in Kasauli by organising geotracks where he can see various insitu fossils where they were found and feel the experience of fossils from 60 to 20 million years old highlighting various events leading to closure of Tethys sea and evolution of Himalayas
Speaking on the occasion Dr Bhargava said that fossils were sold at very cheap rates and valuable sites are being lost. Mr Vishal vermahighlighted the need for preserving the dinosour fossils in Madhya Pradesh Dr Sudha emphasised the need to popularise geological tours in the Pune region to show spectacular features developed in Deccan traps near Pune.
Dr Faruqeemphasised the importance of historical geology in ancient times when precious stones was used to built Konark Sun temple. Importance of mines in increasing geotourismwas emphasised by Prof Ranawat.
Dr Ritesh Arya who is Guinness world record and member of Indian geoparks and Geoheritage society said that they were going to take the matter with Government and try to bring legislation on the issue. Populating geology and rocks and their importance in our day to day life besiades knowing the evolutionary history of the earth is the basic aim of celebrating this Indian Geoheritage day then the relevance of the day would real.

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