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Chandigarh Air quality going down after Dussehra& Diwali as reported by CPCC

November 08, 2019 09:20 AM

CHANDIGARH: In today’s time, air pollution is a severe threat for the entire world but if we talk about one of the most infested countries then India is on the top of the list. There are a few cities in India that are badly wedged by the toxic air which are resulting in the influx of life threatening diseases such as asthma, cancer and many more menaces to name.

Poor air quality affects our infrastructure as well as creates problems for agriculture and forests. Residential buildings, commercial structures, parks and several other physical assets are impaired because of toxic air. Such destruction is a major issue for national monuments and historical buildings that can be very expensive to repair and protect. There are certain sectors such as tourism and commercial fishing which are also crushed by air pollution. India ranks 178 out of 180 in terms of air quality at the bottom of the list in the world’s environmental health categories. The report clearly shows that during festivals like Dussehra and Diwali, it’s perilous to inhale oxygen.

Chandigarh is one of the busiest and well-planned cities in India, which has a spike in air pollution post-Dussehra. When Chandigarh boasted of burning one of the world’s highest Effigy of Ravana, the level of pollution was rapidly amplified and harmful effects was observed by the people. According to the Air Quality Index (AQI) reported on Sunday, the pollution level was recorded 257 whereas on 1st October it was 57. Chandigarh Pollution Control Board only one Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station (CAAQMS) at Punjab University, Sector 25 said that it was due to the crackers used in the effigies and Diwali that the air quality index saw a plunge. As a result, Chandigarh continues to record poor air quality index indicates that the pollution level is not improving.

Some major reason caused air pollution in Chandigarh

Stubble Burning:

One of the main reasons for rising levels of air pollution in Chandigarh is crop burning by state farmers. Farmers in Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh are burning rice stubbles. It is estimated that these states set about 35 million tons of crop afire. The wind carries all the particles of pollutants and dust that have been locked in the air pollution.
Over 22, 000 cases of stubble burning had been witnessed in Punjab and more than 4, 200 incidents in Haryana in the recent days.

Construction Work:

Large scale construction in Punjab and Chandigarh is another culprit that is increasing dust and pollution in the air. Considering the dipping air quality, a number of constructionsneed to be ban for some days.


Firecrackers are the main reason to increase the level of air. It may not be the top reason for this smog, but it definitely contributed to its build up. Mostly, pollution has been arising after Dussehra& Diwali.

Investing less on public infrastructure:

Investing less on public infrastructureis another reason of air pollution. In India, investment in public transport and infrastructure is low which leads to congested roads, and hence air pollution.

Firecrackers are made of highly toxic heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, chromium, aluminum, magnesium, nitrates, carbon, copper, potassium, sodium, zinc and manganese. These metals, released in the air when the firecracker explodes, can trigger an asthma attack, and cause severe headache and respiratory problems. They can also contribute to a chronic cough. Government has also taken initiates to reduce the level of air pollution with green crackers which are available in the markets now. Government can also increase the number of pollution checking center in Chandigarh so that people can easily check their vehicles on time. It’s a peak time to take necessary steps to remove garbage, sand, mud from the road at least 3 times in a day after then the city will automatically become cleaner & beautiful.

Tripat Girdhar is Socio Environment Specialist

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