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Bikram Rana releases a book in Hindi “Manav Hi Manavata Ka Dhusman

YS RANA | February 13, 2021 11:31 AM

CHANDIGARH: Bikram Rana, OSD, Chandigarh Education Department released a book “Manav Hi Manavata Ka Dushan” authored by Dr Karam Chand, retired principal of district Hamirpur in Himachal Pradesh here on Friday.

While speaking on the occasion, he said, ”Knowledge is increasing, is happiness increasing in our life. Schools are multiplying, are happy homes multiplying? No, today’s knowledge inputs take us far away from ethics of life.” He further stated that a large number of Indians were in the grip of life style diseases, decline of culture, relations and respect for Mother Earth. COVID-19 had opened up speedy decline of culture, relations, ethics, and these have taken back seat in the present life. He stressed for drastic changes in education system and made aware about the centuries old healthy way of life to the Gen-X.

The book gives a strong message to generation X to protect the culture of our way of life and also save the nature. It tackles various problems such as decline in relationship, adulteration in eatables, rising gap between rich and poor, next generation far from ethics, religion as a weapon to fulfills self interests; use of drugs, ignore healthy life and non-serious about nation’s interest.

Writer belongs to village Nalehra in district Hamirpur of Himachal Pradesh. He was awarded for social services in 2015 by the state government and also awarded ‘Siksha Protshan Award’ in 2019 by Himachal Pradesh Government. He was also awarded under Nirmal Bharat Award in 2012, 2013 and 2014 by the Rural Development Department, Himachal Pradesh at Block Level. He retired as principal from the education department in 2018.

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