Challenges of Teenage Driving and How to Tackle Them

Punjab News Express | May 23, 2019 12:03 PM

Times are changing, and teenage isn’t what it was like a couple of decades ago. Today, with the world being more opena lot has come to fore. For children of today, teenage is an exciting time – the newfound independence, relaxed late-night curfews and even a car in the form of physical self-sufficiency.

Driving has suddenly found a new place among teenagers. Parents are handing over the car keys to their kids;however, not without being worried.Even though teenagers do earn their driving license, being concerned about their safety is completely understandable.Since there are many challenges of teenage driving, most parents do take specific steps to ensure the safety of their teenager. Some buy GPS trackerto keep track of their child, while others always have someone with the teenager in the car.

Let’s take a look at the challenges of teenage driving and how to tackle them

  1. 1.        Over Speeding and Reckless Driving

Teenagers are typically aggressive and are likely to over speed all because of the thrill. Most accidents on roads occur because of reckless driving. Either we hear cases of road rage or over speeding – both lead to uncontrollable situations. As parents, it’s absolutely imperative to take care of these situations.

How to Tackle?

All parents must teach their kid the art of driving – driving that is slow and defensive. However, there are other ways of surveillance. Buy GPS tracker with dash cam such as KENT CamEye to truly keep an eye on ateenager. It’s a first-of-its-kind car security device that has a dual camera setup with plenty of intelligent alerts including over speeding and geo-fencing. Whenever the car goes beyond a set speed limit, parents will get an alert on their phone. It’s an excellent way to keep a check on the teenager’s driving habits. The device and official app also let parents talk through the integrated two-way call ring function in the device.

  1. 2.      Texting and Other Distractions

Children, teenagers, and young adults are glued to their smartphones. The implications of spending so much time on the smartphonecan be seen while driving too. On the road, it’s easier to witness people either talking on the phone or just scrolling the screen while driving. It’s incredibly dangerous – for both oneself and others on the road. Texting or using a phone while driving puts everyone’s life on the risk.

How to Tackle?

Teenagers may be rebels in disguise; however, they can still be tamed provided that parents lead by example. Educating teenagers through examples can effectively solve this problem.

For example, if you have to use navigation, stop at a safe spot and then use the phone. Your teenager might laugh at first but will understand once you explain.

  1. 3.      Drinking and Driving

Drinking is somehow getting a lot more integrated into the lifestyle of teenagers. Either they are trying it for the first time or occasionally binging at parties;it’s becoming more common. Even though alcohol is injurious to health, driving under the influence is lethal. It’s punishable by law and increases the danger to the life of everyone by many folds.

How to Tackle?

The best way to tackle it is by having honest conversations with teenagers.Inform them about the dangers and have a sensitive conversation. If they are out partying, drop them to the venue and pick them up – but don’t ever let them drive. Parents should set a positive example for their children.

  1. 4.      Not Buckling Up

One of the most unsafe practices we see on Indian roads is that people hardly wear seatbelts. Some find buckling up to be intrusive while others think it’s uncool to be strapped by a belt. Not wearing a seatbelt can make a difference between life and death. In an event such as an accident, not buckling up can be fatal and even cause death.

How to Tackle?

Lead by example and teach the kids the importance of wearing a seatbelt. If parents themselves are not wearing seatbelts, the kids will have a wrongimpression and won’t wear it by themselves.Make sure the teenager knows the criticality of wearing a seat belt and that you as a parentreinforce this message strongly.

A Final Note

Many challengescome to fore when teenagers start driving. Even though it’s a big and proud moment for them, parents have their apprehensions. Driving is a dangerous thing, so there shouldn’t be anything left to ‘chance.’ Instead, parents must take effective decisions to ensure the safety of their kids.

While educating them is definitely needed,one can also buy GPS tracker with a dashcam to ensure that they are virtually present with their kids at all times. Vehicle security device such as KENT CamEye boasts of incredible features that ensure safety on the road. It comes with a real-time tracking alert and two-way video that records everything inside and outside the car. Parents can tune in to the car directly from their smartphones and keep an eye on their teenager. It’s entirely made in India and is available only on Amazon.So, get one for your teenager’s car now!

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