Anurag Thakur on a firmer footing in Hamirpur Lok Sabha seat

Y.S.Rana | May 03, 2019 12:49 PM

BARSAR (HP): The game of number is not over yet. While the state assembly election results have gone in favour of the BJP, it is yet to be seen who touches the finish line in the battle for the Hamirpur Lok Sabha seat. The outcome of this contest will certainly be a cursor to what future holds for the people and the political leaders especially Prem Kumar Dhumal and Virbhadra Singh who are tallest political leaders of the state.

As the three-time Member of Parliament from Hamirpur Anurag Thakur and Ram Lal Thakur of Congress sweat out in the sweltering sun to woo the voters in the constituency, it would be a neck-to-neck combat in some pockets of district Una. While talking to Prem Kumar Dhumal, former chief minister, said that BJP would not only win all the four Lok Sabha seats but the wins would also be gratifying.

While Anurag Thakur is keen to retain the seat for the fourth time, it will also be an acid test for Virbhadra Singh’s acumen to swing votes for the Congress candidate. Each of the two parties is trying to play all the cards in hand to convince the voters in its favour. But can the voters who become wise after every election be taken for granted? Vijay Behl of Hamirpur said that not this time, for they were busy raising national and local issues and then weighing the parties on the scale. But he feels national issues did figure prominently in the campaign.

 While the Congress is focusing its attack on the failure of Modi’s government on all counts, but the BJP is wasting no time to rebuff the Congress onslaught. Rather corruption, terrorism and Balakot air strike is an important issue to whip the Congress. Besides the BJP, which bounced back in the state in 2017, Anurag has the additional advantage of the people in general favouring the ruling party.  His contribution to health and sports will be exploited to the hilt by the party. He harps on achievements of Modi’s government at the centre and CM’s in the state.   

Have a clear edge over its main rival Ram Lal Thakur. Congress’s worries have also come to the fore. Differences exist between the two groups—Virbhadra Group and Anand Sharma Group—is not a secret anymore. As the ticket was allotted to the favourite of Anand Sharma, congressmen of Virbhara group are marking their absence in Ram Lal Thakur rallies.

Like other States, the caste divide was not very sharp in the constituency, comprising 17 Assembly segments, spread over four districts of Kangra, Bilaspur, Hamirpur and Una but the absence of BSP candidate may affect voting affect voting percentage in at least half a dozen segments. It will also be a major consideration in determining the lead of the BJP candidate, feel political observers.  Anurag has also developed good acceptance among women and young voters.  

Another factor casting its shadow on the Congress win is the strength of women voters. As usual women voters has been a deciding force in the win of a candidate. There are 13,09 lakhs voters strength in the constituency. Out of which 6.54 lakhs are women and there are also 39,889 first time women voters.  This time, the BJP has channelized its efforts towards the welfare of the women folk. And, if one goes by the participation of women in Anurag’s rallies, the efforts seem to be bearing fruit.

This time, the BJP has succeeded in putting a united face as Shanta Kumar, after 20 years of political hibernation, stands up in favour of Anurag Thakur.  Given the present scenario when the Congress past was tense, present indefinite and future may be uncertain, the weighing scale seems to be tilting in favour of Anurag Thakur.

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