Govt. should order immediately resumption of int’l flights from Amritsar to Birmingham: Jai Kishan Rori

Punjab News Express | March 26, 2019 07:36 PM

CHANDIGARH: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has expressed its deep shock and anguish over the decision on part of the Air India for diverting the Delhi-Amritsar International air flights from Delhi International Air Port, stating that the lopsided decision have left thousands of beneficiaries in a quandary.

In a statement issued here on Monday, NRI wing chief and party MLA Jai Kishan Singh Rori, accused the Modi-led government at the centre of colluding with the high-profile Airport and other mafia operators. He said that while the Airport Authority of India had admitted that the air flights between Amritsar and Birmingham had proved to be a boon for the passengers, the flights were discontinued on March 27 in the aftermath of the airstrike at Balakot. He said that even as the situation had normalized, the flight had not resumed by far, he alleged.

AAP leader further said that the discontinuation of the aforesaid flights had left the passengers from Punjab, especially the NRIs, and other from the neighboring states, high and dry. He added they were left to fend for themselves and bear the additional financial burden, et al.

Rori demanded immediate restoration of the Amritsar-Birmingham flights to save the passengers from the unmerited harassment meted out to them due to laxity of the government. Rather the government should mull over introducing international flights from Amritsar and Chandigarh to the countries like America, Canada, Australia, Dubai, Singhpur, Malasia, Southey Arabia, and other European countries of the world.    

AAP MLA further said that the beneficiaries had to suffer under the pulls and pressure of a strong Airport mafia due to which the Amritsar-Birmingham flights from Amritsar International Airport from Amritsar had to stay inoperative for almost eight years in spite of the fact that the flights were running successfully and without any hindrance.

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