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Betul's 'Wall of Voluntary Donors' encourages blood donation

October 22, 2019 04:25 PM

BETUL:To clear public misconceptions related to blood donation, a 'Wall of Voluntary Donors' has been erected on the lines of the 'Wall of Charity' across the tribal dominated district of Betul in Madhya Pradesh. The wall will display photos of regular donors from the district, some of whom have donated blood a hundred times.

Thus the wall aims to not just honour regular donors but also raise awareness for blood donation in the region, where lack of literacy and primitive thinking deter people from donating blood.

"This is a reason this region does not get preference in government health schemes, " says Punjab Rao Gaikwad of Amarnath Sewa Samiti, which has erected the wall along with Maa Sharada Sahayata Samiti.

Shailendra Biharia of Maa Sharada Sahayata Samiti says, "Our organisation has been working for blood donation awareness for 22 years. Inspiration and motivation can do wonders and we are doing just that through this wall."

Biharia informs that the wall has been erected in several public places in the district and around the district headquarters. "Along side pictures of regular donors, several spots on the wall have been left empty to display photos of new inspired donors. The message on the wall says 'you could be one of these' encouraging people to donate blood."

Seema Mishra is one of the people whose picture adorns the wall. A 40-times donor, she says, "There is a misconception that donating blood can result in weakness, especially in women. I am proof that this is a myth, which has no truth in it. Donating helps regeneration of blood in the body. More women should join in."

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