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AAP asks BJP to clarify on Delhi's 200-unit free power scheme

October 22, 2019 05:23 PM

NEW DELHI:Attacking the BJP for saying it will withdraw the scheme providing Delhi citizens free electricity up to 200 units, the ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Tuesday asked the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to clarify its stand on the existing free power scheme.

In a letter to Union Minister and Delhi BJP in-charge Prakash Javadekar, Rajya Sabha MP and AAP Vidhan Sabha election in-charge Sanjay Singh asked him to clarify the BJP stand on withdrawing the free electricity up tp 200 units scheme.

"People of Delhi are confused after the statement from BJP that if they come to power they will withdraw the scheme of giving 200 units free electricity to the people. After the launch of the scheme, lakhs of residents of Delhi have been benefited by it. The people are happy with the decision of the Delhi government to give them 200 units free electricity because it is helping them save money, " Singh said.

"One, why does the BJP want to end the decision to provide up to 200 units of free electricity in Delhi? Why do you want to end the relief given to the people of Delhi by eliminating half price rebate up to 400 units?" Singh said in the letter.

He then asked the BJP to make public the alleged "confidential agreement between the BJP leaders and the power companies."

"Third, will the BJP end the relief which the common people of Delhi are getting, by increasing electricity prices in Delhi like other BJP-ruled states? If not, then when will the electricity be free up to 200 units in BJP-ruled states?" he asked.

He said the people of Delhi are angry with this stand of the BJP.

"When, in every other state like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Assam, Bihar, UP, Jharkhand, Tripura or Uttaranchal the electricity price is rising, then the AAP Government is giving free electricity and why is the BJP opposing that, " Singh added.

He also said that it would be unfair to deny a common person of Delhi 200 units of free powerf when an MP is entitled to 5, 000 units of free electricity per month.

Singh on Sunday alleged that the BJP had said that it would withdraw the scheme if it came to power in Delhi.

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