JUS Broadcasting Announces Launch of Hindi Channel

August 23, 2018 05:40 PM

Punjab News Express
NEW YORK: JUS  Broadcasting  announces  a  major  change  to  its  line  up  with  the  launch  of  its  first Hindi channel, Jus Hindi.

Penny Sandhu, founder and CEO, speaking from her New York headquarters said, “After over  twelve  years  of  successfully  capturing  the  Punjabi  market  and  being  the  brand leader, it is time for us to realize our potential in providing the same quality local content to  the  Hindi  speaking  market.  We  aim  to  do  this  by  rebranding  our  Jus 24x7  comedy channel to a brand new 24-hour Hindi channel, Jus Hindi.”

JUS  Broadcasting  has  been  undergoing  a  number  of  changes  lately  including  the recruitment of heavyweight media executive Rajan Singh.

Singh brings over 25 years of media experience and is renowned for his shrewd business acumen and boasts a track record of building profitability in companies.

The  company  is  also  about  to  announce  a  complete  brand  refresh  across  its  entire network, together with a recruitment drive for senior executives from mainstream media.

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Readers' Opinions
Mehtab singh 1/8/2019 8:27:40 PM

Please provide jus channels on fastway cable network in punjab.

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