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Some interesting facts about India's ration card system

August 03, 2018 11:39 AM

The ration card system has been implemented in India for more than five decades now, and for the most part, it works perfectly. The Government has been facing a few challenges with the public distribution system, and there are always people trying to take advantage of it for their personal gains.

Here are some interesting facts about ration cards in India

Kerala has about 80.21 lac ration cards in the state. The number of new applicants is drastically overwhelming that they needed to create a priority list. There were a couple of norms that were followed for applicants to be added to the priority list. One of these included the signature of an MLA, which would fast-track an applicant's chances of getting a ration card. After going through the priority list, it was found that more than 65, 000 people were no longer eligible to apply for ration cards.

To prevent such scams and corruption, Gujarat on the other hand, started gathering the biometric information of people creating ration cards. Unfortunately, systems were not put in place, or secure since the biometric details of 1.27 crore ration card holders were leaked online.
These are a few incidents where the rashan card system needed revamping, otherwise, the PDS is quite efficient in India. If you are looking to create your own ration card, you can apply for one online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

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