NRI Sabha Punjab has no powers to address the issues of NRIs, says NAPA

Punjab News Express | January 14, 2019 02:51 PM

JALANDHAR:  US-based North American Punjabi Association (NAPA) has asked the Punjab government to clear the air about NRI Sabha, which was formed to address the grievances of NRIs.In a statement, NAPA Executive Director Satnam Singh Chahal said if the NRI Sabha has “no constitutional powers to address the issues and concerns of the Punjabi Diaspora then there is no fun to keep this Sabha functioning by wasting thousands of rupees everyday.”

He also asked whether the NRI Sabha was a constitutional body or simply a NGO working for the welfare of its NRI members.Chahal said even though the status of the body was not known, the Punjab government has approved bylaws governing it.

“like other NGOS Sabha was set up as a society and received no financial aid from the state government or any agency till today,” said Chahal, adding that the Sabha has “no constitutional powers to help out the Punjabi Diaspora.”“NRI Sabha was formed by few bureaucrats, business persons and politicians to fulfill their own self-interests that is why Sabha failed to serve the Punjabi Diaspora in a better way till today. “Chahal also pointed out that the state has “no separate NRI legislation.”“State government had not been able to establish even a single exclusive NRI fast-track court in the state so far. The lone NRI court at Jalandhar continues to hear hundreds of cases pending with it. Around 220 cases are heard in the court every day. How would the government ensure speedy justice to NRIs in this scenario?” asked Chahal.

He said “NAPA is preparing a charter of issues and concerns of Punjabi Diaspora and it will be presented to all political parties to enable them to include it in the forth coming Lok Sabha election manifesto.”

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