Vinod Chauhan creates waves in photography across the world

Punjab News Express | April 11, 2019 11:15 AM

Punjab News Express/Y.S. RANA
CHANDIGARH: Skill is considered a key to success in any profession but Vinod Chauhan is an exception. More than one reasons to be proud of this talented photographer is that he has never been trained in the profession by any institute. Despite that he has achieved in photography for which most of the photographers could not have dreamt.
Hailing from Kot Khai in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh has not only brought a moment of glory for the state but also for the country. He was recently awarded with ‘Best photographer of the world.’ He will be awarded Blue Pin award.
While talking to Chauhan in his office in Sector 34, he said that in March last Federation of Indian Photography (FIP) has conducted an online digital competition- Ist viewfinder international digital salon 2019-- free for photographers across the world. Over 2000 photographers from 72 countries took part in the competition. A total of 30,331 images were received across the world for judging, he said. The process of judging the images continued for two days by a committee of judges. The committee comprises of the Director, Federation International Artists of Photography (FIAP), France; Miss Allena MeTighe, President, Photographic Society of America put their best efforts in selection of images.
He further revealed that he has sent 20 images, of these 17 images have been selected in the category of best images. On the basis of this achievement, he was selected for the award and announcement was made on March 30.
Mr Chauhan also revealed that it was the biggest and largest completion in this history of photography. Patronage of this competition was the Federation International Artists Photography (France), Photographic Society of America; IUP (China) and Federation of India Photography (India).
He said that he graduated in Electronics and Communication engineering from Aurangabad but he preferred his own business over a decent job. “I like travelling, reading and music and he integrates journeys with photography and together these inspired me. But I have never dreamt of achieving such heights in the world,” says he.
In 2017 he was also rated as World’s No 12 top travel photo exhibitor. He was also the first photographer from north India awarded with Distinction Elite IUP (EIUP), China. Holder of world’s most prestigious Distinction Artiste (FIAP in photography by Federation Internationale De L’art Photographique (FIAP), Belgium for his excellent works, he has also eight distinctions and honours to his credit such as AFIAP, AFIP, AICS, AEAIP, HIUP, EIUP, FSoF and RSoF. Besides, his works have been exhibited in 43 countries across the world. EOM

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