Punjab & Haryana power utilities improve grading

July 07, 2018 04:39 PM

Punjab News Express/Vinod Gupta
CHANDIGARH: Punjab and Haryana power utilities are covered under B+ grade. UHBVN and DHBVN of Haryana are placed at tenth and thirtenth number while PSPCL of Punjab is at eleventh position in the sixth integrated rating for state power distribution companies issued by the Union Ministry of Power.

PSPCL has improved from last year’s of 13th to 11th position though it is yet to regain A+ grade which it held for two consective years. In case of Haryana there has been marked improvement from 22nd. And 24th.to 9th. And 13th. Position ( B to B+ grade ). Earlier it was in C grade.

Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam Limited and Uttar Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam Limited have been placed at 22nd and 24th number in B category in a list of 41 state power utilities across the country.Last year their number was at 28th and 31st in C+ category.

In case of PSPCL the key concerns are its absolute dependence on the state government for the subsidy being given in lieu of free power to agriculture and delay in receipt of subsidy and on account of high employees cost. The strength of PSPCL are low AT&C losses

In case of Haryana UHBVN and DHBVN the key concerns are high AT&C losses at 32% for UHBVN and 29.09% for DHBVN , low billing efficiency, High power purchase cost at Rs. 4.76 per unit and high employees cost. The strength is timely payment of subsidy and reduction in debt level.

For the sixth year in a row, the four state power utilities of Gujarat along with Uttarakhand Power Corporation topped the annual rankings. At the same time, four out of five power distribution companies of Uttar Pradesh (UP) have not moved out of the lowest grade as per report. All the three discoms of Rajasthan are in the B rank category due to high power purchase costs and low bill collection efficiency.

Out of 41state power utilities there are five utilities with A+ grade, two with A grade 13 with B+ grade 11 with B grade ,two with C+ grade and 8 with C grade.

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