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‘Open Hand’ residents have weak heart: reveals a study

September 30, 2019 05:13 PM

CHANDIGARH: Open Hand’ symbolizes spirit of Chandigarh but a majority of its residents have been found having no more a strong heart.  The residents of ‘City Beautiful’ were found weak in the matter of heart in a study conducted by Mamoj Kumar of Adavance Cardiac Centre, PGI, Chandigarh, released on World Heart Day on Sunday. It states that change in life-style and wrong dietary habits, the disease has been making inroads among the youths and majority of the residents of the city has been suffering from cardiovascular disorders of all ages.

The study also reveals that problem of heart disorder has been increased 10 per cent among the youth of less than 40 years of age and city has recorded an increase of 20 per cent of heart disorders among the residents who are less than 50 years of age. It was also found that local people have already been bracketed in the high risk zone of diabetes and over-weight has now added high risk of heart disorders.

He suggested that one should control blood pressure and blood sugar to keep the heart healthy. Take healthy diet and keep away from wine and smoking. Exercise for 40 minutes daily is sufficient to increase heart beat and help in controlling the blood circulation, says Prof Manoj.  He has also advised the people to use ‘Gur’ instead of white sugar in your daily use.  

On the other, Prof H.K. Bali, chairman, cardiology department, Paras Hospital has stated that eaters fried in the same oil time and again increased that volume of trans fat which is dangerous for the heart.

The Safola Life-2010 study had found that a majority of the residents of Chandigarh has been suffering from cardiovascular disorders.

Earlier, a study was done by Dr Arvind Kaul of Silver Oaks Hospital, Mohali has included different cities of the country and the study concluded that risk of heart diseases among the residents of Chandigarh was high as compared to the residents of other cities.

The study found that 44.6 per cent people have been suffering from heart diseases in the country, Chandigarh topped the list with 59.1 per cent followed by Bengalore, Chennai and Hyderabad.   

The study has also stated that the main reason from heart problem is over-weight. “Overweight is not because of dietary habits but it is a genetic problem, ” said Dr Kaul. His study had also found that risk of heart diseases among males between age group of 30-39  and women between age group of 50-59 years were found highest prone to heart diseases.  

Dr T.S.Mahant, a renowned cardiologist of Chandigarh said that luxurious living, change in life-style and dietary habits and lack of physical exercises supplemented the genetic problem of over weight. Even the disease has spread among the people of hill states and it has become a matter of concern to the government and the cardiologist at large.

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