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Idea of India will endure onslaught on its cherished values by divisive forces : Mahua Moitra

December 14, 2019 10:10 PM

CHANDIGARH: Indian ethos is all about moderation not given to excesses and will certainly endure the present onslaught by communal forces, the firebrand TMC MP Mahua Moitra averred categorically rejecting the idea of nationalism being thrust upon by centre.

Setting the stage on fire during the first session 'Jingoism and Hyper Nationalism - An Indian Perspective' during the second day of ongoing MLF, Moitra while accepting that opposition had been caught unawares with unleashing of hate and communal agenda by BJP called for a comprehensive counter narrative to negate the nefarious designs of these inimical forces.

Any nationalism which teaches me to treat my nation above God is not acceptable to me, she said invoking Rabindranath Tagore adding that
aggressive dependence on religion demonstrates abject failure of ruling class on all major fronts.

Taking part in the discussion, panelist and RSS ideologue Desh Ratan Nigam stated that Indian Constitution originally was not supposed to be secular and it was only with 42nd Amendment in 1976 the word secular was inserted during emergency.

The Article on fundamental duties, said Nigam, enjoins upon all of us to protect the national culutrue and heritage adding that it was Indira Gandhi who introduced the idea of nationalism by incorporating Article 51 A in our Constitution.

The stimulating session moderated by eminent Journalist Mark Tully lived up to its billing producing much political steam and witnessed many impassioned exchanges with both the panelists holding their ground keeping the fully packed hall on the edge of their seats.

Responding to a question, Nigam though accepted that concept of Nationalism was being misused by some vested interests who were using it for their political gains. I don't subscribe to this term Nationalism, Nigam said adding that Bhartiyata is what encompasses the all dimensions of our cultural belief where no-one is superior and all are equal.

Attacking anyone is not in our ethos and even our no first use nuclear doctrine demonstrated this, Nigam added.

Earlier while initiating the discussion, Mark Tully said that the whole world was witnessing rising tide of nationalism which has the potential of being misused for political gains. Egging on the panelists in his inimitable style, Tully not only got both the political figures share their insights on various topical issues but also got the audience palpably involved in the engrossing discussion.

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