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Chandigarh MC penalty does not hurt the pockets of pet dog owners

January 12, 2019 07:18 PM

CHANDIGARH: If you think Chandigarh is ODF (open defecation free) then you are mistaken. The difference is –dogs have replaced the man, parried a question by an irate resident.  Nothing ruins a fine morning of a walker when welcomes with dog excrement.

Unmistakable squishing sensation under foot triggers instant resentment. The mess, stench or the indignity what a victim should feel. The poop disposal is a problem. Defecates in public places by dogs has become a pet peeve in cities like Chandigarh where not only the dog population is growing faster than the human population. Action of the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation to control stray dog population could not produce desired result.    

The fight only applies to Municipal Corporation that tired the turd is devoting precious brainstorming hours to inventing ever-more-move ways to combat it. It has also decreed a fine of Rs 5, 500 for dog owners who fail to clean up their dog’s excreta.  There is no exact number of pet dogs but it is estimated over 15, 000 besides more than that stray dogs roaming all over the city.  Residents of cooperative housing societies in Sector 48 have been raising the guilt level of dog lovers because of the fecal matter that pets produce daily in parks, streets and on new constructed cycle tracks. But no one just cares to enforce the penalty and the problem is assuming alarming proportion in the city.

While talking to residents of the area said that while corporation has imposed sewer Cell why not it imposed poop penalty on pet dog owners. “If we take pet dog’s population at 15, 000, poop penalty of Rs 200 per month would fetch an amount of Rs 30 lakh per month to the corporation.   Kehar Singh said that newly constructed cycle tracks were most suitable site for pet dog to ease the nature call.  “Pedestrians dread to move these tracks what to talk of cyclists, ” he said. Especially, lanes and pavements are presenting ugly scene, he says and adds that if one dares to stop a dog’s owner resulted in altercation and arguments.         

A dog expert has provided a mind blowing data. He said that approximately 350 grams of fecal matter was produced by each dog per day and if the estimated dog population in the city was taken into account total poop passed in every 24 hours would approximately be 53 lakhs grams each day.  The official of the Animal Husbandry Department said that dog pooh contained parvovirus and all types of worms, these would contaminate water, soil and infect human.  Walking in infected space then enter the home would track the bacteria and virus, he added.    

Dog owners advanced their point of view by saying that society is biased against pet owners and India is a representative of the International Organization for Animal Protection (OIPA).                                         

As per Byelaws of 2010 registration of pet dogs is mandatory but as per official data only less than 30 per cent pet dogs are registered in the city.  Altercation over pet dog defecating leads to discomfort and deface the city’s public places. Though every one has a right to pet dogs yet this come with an acknowledgement of civic responsibilities, said Mr Singh and added it was a deep civic ir-responsibility on the part of dog’s owner and could defeat the purpose of “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” of becoming a national policy.    

Answering the call of nature by pet has made costly by eleven times increase but it does not seem to hurt the pocket of a pet dog owner as one encounters with dog poop all over the city.   The Corporation should wage a war against offenders as human and animal defecation need to be addressed together.   

Man’s best friend—dog—is not always man’s best friend. When a city goes to dog, it has erupted controversy. With justifications and recriminations pouring in from both sides, thel struggle will continue and the tactics grow more desperate.

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