Chandigarh Legal Service Authority to organise programme for awareness in advocates

Y.S.Rana | July 31, 2019 01:21 PM

CHANDIGARH: With increase in cyber crimes and to create awareness among its panel of advocates, the State Legal Services Authority (SLSA), Chandigarh,  in collaboration with District  Legal Services Authority (DLSA) will be organizing a programme in district court complex, Sector 43 here on Saturday.

While talking to Mr Mahavir Singh, member secretary, SLSA, Chanduigarh told Daily Post that in the present day such programmes to its panel of advocates has become of paramount importance. He further revealed that the programme would be attended 90 advocates of DLSA and 20 of SLSA . The programme curated and conducted by a team of advocates from Delhi who are expert in cyber crimes and information technology professionals.

He further says it is an attempt at assisting advocates, law enforcement professionals and legal practitioner to understand the cyber world, the myriads of interactions that happen in the real, the laws that apply including tend to shape these interaction.

The programe delves deep into latest cases, policies and precedents to provide a thorough understanding of t6he processes and procedures of investigation and adjudication. It will not only help in understanding the various interactions models in cyberspace and the electronic world such  asd electronic transactions, e-commerce, banking transactions but also endeavours to understand the genesis and types of violations and likely responses that may require.

Mr Singh further stated that the programme would include introduction to cyber world; cyber crimes; information in respect of Information Technology Act; structure, processing complaints and creating roadmap for investigation and adjudication; cyber forensic  electronic evidence;  challenges in India etc.

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