Chandigarh first to get dedicated state-of-the art sports complex

April 12, 2018 12:22 PM

Punjab News Express/ Y.S.Rana
CHANDIGARH: Perhaps Chandigarh  is the first in the country to have dedicated state-of-the-art sports complexes primarily for school children and city should boast of it, said Mr B.L. Sharma, Education Secretary, Chandigarh.  Pointing to lending sports the orchestra of infrastructure, the Chandigarh Administration built and inaugurated a global standard indoor sports complex at a cost of Rs 8 crore on 2.66 acre plotted area in Sector 34 on April 8 last. The complex comprises a swimming pool, a gymnasium hall, a table tennis hall and three badminton courts besides a reception and waiting space including rooms for coaches.   

The Administration is working on a two-pronged strategy to raise sporting standards in the city. On one hand, it is providing incentives to budding talent and providing them with world-class infrastructure on the other. Part one of the strategy revolves around giving incentives by way of gradation, scholarship and cash awards to upcoming sportspersons with an eye on imbibing in them the instinct and interest to join the field of sports.

Working harder still on the second leg of the strategy, the Administration has conceived total nine sports complexes in the city. While talking to Mr B.L. Sharma, Education Secretary, Chandigarh, revealed that of these complexes, five would be big in size having all indoor games and found will be mini type having one or two indoor games.

He further stated that one was functioning and one was recently inaugurated in Sector 34. The third one was nearing completion and would be opened soon, said Mr Sharma. A billiards complex would be set up in Sector 19 also, he said. He was sure that these sports complexes enable the budding talent of Chandigarh to have training over there to compete at national and international level.   

All measures of the Chandigarh Administration in zipping up infrastructure and shoring up sporting standards, add up to something worth while looking ahead to see the possible foundations of strong sports infrastructure in the city.

Primarily these complexes would be for school children. But during school off-time anyone can avail of the facilities by paying prescribed membership fee fixed by the Administration, said Mr Sharma. The Administration has hired coaches some coaches were diverted to sports complexes from sports department. “With increase in the number of sports complexes more coaches will be needed. The administration is working on the issue and shortage of coaches will not be a problem,” said Mr Sharma.                                  

Such sports facilitate help the budding sportsperson of Chandigarh to hone their sports skills, firm up their mental fibre and strengthen their physical ability along with their academic career. “The Administration is doing its best to being city on the international sports map by providing cutting-edge infrastructure with focus on standard training to produce players who can lock horns with the best at international level,” said Mr Sharma.

Mr Sharma is confident that the crop of players the sports complexes would produce stand a very good chance of excelling in various games and can lock horns with the best in international tournaments in the days to come. 

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