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artificial intelligence to detect problems

October 24, 2019 05:11 PM

CHANDIGARH—Chandigarh soon will have a solution in place to use artificial intelligence to detect problems with roads easily and cheaply to ensure safety of the man on wheels as well as avoiding damage to the vehicle. A former employee of Infosys, Manav Singal has developed “automated pothole and patch detection and management solution” and is all set to introduce it in Chandigarh, thus city will become first of using this system across the country, says Mr Singal.

Speaking to PBD in his office said that he has conceptualized an automatic pothole and patch work detection system for roads. This system would detect when the pothole is developed and when it is fixed. The system will track road conditions almost every day at least through a network of volunteering cabs for high traffic or heavy vehicles roads. The data of pothole/patch work will be detected by Artificial Intelligence based software and mapped with exact GPS co-ordinates to give the accurate road conditions every day, says he.

He further said that the notifications can be shared with municipal corporation for fixing the road problems and can be subscribed by drivers and cabs to avoid accident, hard breaking, avoid bumps and save on no claim bonus for insurance and added that he has made a small presentation of this concept before Mr. Kejriwal, chief minister of Delhi and Delhi government was in process to take step in this direction by manually tracking the potholes by PWD department.

He claimed that his system would be better and automated and less costly. It will cost Rs 15, 000 to fix this solution in any vehicle and it warns the driver before 50 feet about road problem. The conceptual framework would identify the potholes, damage to road and traffic intensity across the city to help the man on wheel to detect in advance the level of damage to the road stretch and route the vehicle from an alternative path to its destination. The system sends a feedback to the municipal corporation for a quick response to the damage to the roads.

The system will not only help in detecting and fixing of road problems but also provide complete road intelligence both to the authorities and the subscriber to the system, said he. This solution in future with 5G connectivity will help in accurately identifying traffic jam or blockages instantaneously and would help to drivers avoiding the same by suggesting alternate routes, hence road network would become intelligent with this system in future, hopes he.

Speaking on its working, he said that volunteer cabs plying on different routes across the city equip with professional Dashcam with GPS along with storage card for the videos of the route would capture road videos with GPS daily and these raw videos will be sent to the system. GPS coordinates of potholes and patches identified and mapped and data will be sent to users and Municipal Corporation. The system alerts the user about road problems in advance and in turn driver will reduce the speed to avoid accident or damage to the vehicle.

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