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Seminar on fight against cancer at RBU

November 14, 2017 03:00 PM

Punjab News Express
MOHALI: The Rayat Bahra University School of Sciences organized a seminar on `Fight against Cancer’. The seminar focused on adopting a positive and proactive approach towards fight against cancer by following simple tips, healthy diet habits and regular exercise.

Dr Jatin Sarin, Senior Oncologist from Ivy Multi-Specialty Hospital, Mohali, delivered an expert talk on cancer types, early detection, prevention and cure. He said that among various types of cancer breast cancer, cervix cancer, lung cancer and stomach cancer were more prevalent in India.

He said as per statistics, one female died in every eight minutes due to cervix cancer caused by HPV virus. Lung cancer was the second most common cancer among both men and women. He said that cancers could be significantly cured, by surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy, if detected at an early stage.

Dr Sarin also discussed various risk factors responsible for cancer and the preventive measures. He also elaborated on vaccination against cervix cancer and self-exam for breast cancer. The participants were advised to follow healthy life style with inclusion of exercises and proper diet.

Dr Raj Singh, Vice-Chancellor of the Rayat Bahra University, who presided over the seminar, stressed on observing cancer awareness programmes to explore the actions that could save lives by early detection of cancer and make fighting cancer a priority.

Dr. Harvinder Kaur, Deputy Dean of the University School of Sciences, said that such awareness programmes could be helpful in sensitizing the society about fighting cancer. The seminar was followed by an interactive session with the participants.  Faculty members and students attended the seminar.

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