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CT Group students invented Virtual Intelligent Vehicle

June 17, 2017 05:39 PM

Punjab News Express/ SK.Vyas
JALANDHAR: High technology systems are integrated in many aspects of today industry. Our “Smart Car” system combines an autonomic decision system and remote control system. This kind of system exists in various forms of industry, especially in the military. The demand for the “Smart Car” system comes from the need to develop means which can be controlled from a distance in order to save lives by removing manpower from the front line where they can killed or injured.
The team of the students included Ajay Kumar Sharma, Akhilesh Kumar, Arvind Sharma, Chandramani Kumar, Mithalesh Kumar, Prateek, Shalab Sharma, Tapeshwar Singh and Shashank Kumar Singh those who made a VIVE (Virtual Intelligent Vehicle) which includes several features that are aimed at providing maximum customization for every driver as to allow each driver to experience a unique sense of belonging to the vehicle. This has been achieved through the implementation of a friendly human-computer-interface. The project was made under the supervision of Er. Amandeep Singh Bansal (Head & Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering).
Manbir Singh (Managing Director, CT Group) said VIVE is operated using Mobile phone and allow it to autonomously drive itself to a pick up point. A DTMF decoder is interfaced with microcontroller and a phone on auto answer mode connected to the decoder. When the robot is called and on user’s phone is pressed, the tone is sent to the decoder, which decodes and sends a signal to the digital controller and the robot is started. To avoid obstacles the vehicle has inbuilt Infrared sensors which detect obstacles and inform the microcontroller, which accordingly guide the robot. For Surveillance control from any location through IP Camera is used. For secure transportation facility with auto - shutter mechanism with Aadhar card verification is used and automatic light control using light variable transducer sensor.
Charanjit Singh Channi (Chairman, CT Group) said that the purpose for the fabrication of the VIVE is to create vehicle which can perform several tasks and functions. He said, “The technology used in VIVE if implemented in real cars and other vehicle would result in the reduction of large number of accidents which occur due to human error and carelessness. The vehicle in its current size absolutely fit for transportation purposes and the reduced size of the vehicle will find an enormous application in the field of science and technology. The technology of smart parking with the help of 90˚ rotation of the wheels will eliminate the problem of parking.”

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