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Andhar Bahar’s fame throughout India

March 27, 2020 04:16 PM

Andhar Bahar is a game that originated in the southern part of India. It is believed to have its origin in Bangalore, Karnataka. It is commonly known as Katti or Mankatha. This betting game started without any real money bets initially.

It’s comparatively newer than our regular online Baccarat or Blackjack, but nevertheless have a loyal fanbase that plays eagerly.

What makes it all the more interesting? It’s quick and easy to learn! The game has no restrictions on the number of players that can play. Rules of Andhar Bahar are really simple

The game has become a sensation all over the country, right from the south to the north. The name of the game literally translates to “in-out”. Andhar means in and Bahar means out in Hindi.

The game’s popularity has made it arrive on all online platforms.

Alt text: Andhar Bahar’s fame throughout India


Playing the game online is the same as playing it with your friends or family, there are no alterations. Not much to differ but for the excitement of playing it online either single or other players. If you learn how to play Andhar Bahar online, you are good to go!

 A player can choose to play the game for free or with real money. The games very fast and surely to keep you engrossed throughout. The money thrills are surely something to look forward to as well.

How to play?

Unlike most of the games, this game majorly depends on your luck. Educated guesses are possible but still, it all boils down to luck. A deck of cards is used to play the game. The odds stand at a fair 50/50.

The dealer cuts the pack and places a card face up. This card is called the Joker. A player has to decide which side the Joker will first arrive on. Now players can choose which side they intend to bet Andhar (left) or Bahar (right). That’s about it, very simple!


 Basics & Rules

The game is very simple. So are the rules and gameplay features, you will need to know these before you start playing the game. The standard rules of the game are applicable with a few newer features added online.

The pack of 52 cards is cut and a card is revealed to all players. This card is the Joker.

Players then began to place the bet on whether the joker will arrive on Andhar or Bahar.

Then the dealing starts, if the first card is a black suit it starts at the Andhar side, if it’s a red suit it starts at the Bahar side.

 Cards are dealt alternatively in each slot. The dealing stops when the joker or face card arrives on one of the sides. The round ends here.

 If you place your bet on the side of the card as dealt, you win and will receive your payout. All the other bets are lost to the dealer.


Playing the game online means you can place bets. They are two types of bets that one can place: Main bets and Side bets.

Main Bets

The bets that are placed by players on the side they expect the joker to fall on are the main bets. It has an odd of 50/50. Once the joker is cut, you will have to place your bet on Andhar or Bahar.

Side Bets

These side bets may be placed on the lead cards suit or its number. Players even can place bets on the range of the number of cards that will be dealt with before the face card appears.

The odds for the additional side bets are lesser than that of the main bets but the payouts are really high. Payouts may rise as high as 120:1.

This simplicity of the game has seen gain popularity amongst the masses. The game that originally originated in South India has now spread widely across the nation. The game tends to all age groups. It can be played with family and friends at social gatherings with ease.

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